Website maintenance plans

Take the hassle out of managing your website

Manage your business. Not your website.

Out of date websites and static websites will hurt your search rankings and your business reputation. It’s important to update your website on a regular basis with fresh content, images, blog posts and more.

Our website maintenance packages offer peace of mind knowing that back-ups are performed and plugins are up-to-date, and that you have a qualified team keeping your site healthy and secure.

We make managing your website simple

  • Update web pages with your fresh content
  • WordPress updates (platform + plugin)
  • Product changes or additional
  • Add new pages or add a blog post
  • Update image galleries
  • Updates to calendar or upcoming events
  • Text edits + changes
  • Photos, graphics, graphs, charts or video updates
  • Connect with your social media sites
  • Phone consultations
  • Add or change photos + imagery
  • And much more...

Have a WordPress website?

Over 83% of hacked WordPress websites were not kept up to date. Keeping your WordPress website up to date is critical to its security. We can help!

If you have a WordPress website, it is important to be sure you’re always running the most current version of plug-ins and tested version of your framework. Keeping your site up to date ensures that security patches are installed, protecting from hackers and trojan horses.

With our WordPress protection plan for $40/mo., you will get

  • Bi-weekly back-ups of your website. These ensure that a site can be restored quickly in the event of technical malfunction. All our back-ups are stored off site in a secure cloud facility.
  • Monthly updates to your WordPress plugins. We monitor WordPress versions and only update when they have been vetted and tested for compatibility.

Pay as you need it plan

Our pay as you need hourly maintenance is best for infrequent updates and for those that manage some of their website themselves, or sites that are not on the WordPress platform. Our rate is $95 per hour.

Monthly plans

Monthly plans are geared for those who want regular site updates, as well as peace of mind that backups and updates are performed on a regular basis. Our Small business plan includes monthly reporting of your website statistics, monitor your visitor traffic, ranking keywords, back-links and more.

Reliable and affordable website maintenance

Sign up today and get started immediately.

Our maintenance plans provide the care and nurturing of your sites day-to-day needs. We make all the change you need as often as you like, so you can plan your free time.

In just a few quick steps you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that web professionals are looking after your website’s needs.

  1. Sign up today.
  2. We become your website partner, we’ll reach out to discuss your website and acquire the necessary credentials to manage your website.
  3. Submit your requests through our support page or via email.
  4. We make your updates, and you plan your free time.
  • Pay as you need it plan
    • Request changes only when you need them
    • Only pay for the hours our team is actively working on  your website¹
  • WordPress Protection
    • Twice monthly plugin updates
    • Twice monthly offsite backup²
  • Micro plan for WordPress sites
    • 1 hour of website updates per month
    • + Twice monthly plugin updates
    • + Twice monthly offsite backup²
  • Small plan for WordPress sites
    • 3 hours of website updates per month
    • + Twice monthly plugin updates
    • + Twice monthly offsite backups²
    • + Monthly website reporting
  • Business plan for wordpress sites
    • Unlimited updates per month
    • +Twice monthly plugin updates
    • +Twice monthly offsite backups²
    • +Monthly website reporting

Need a custom maintenance package? Contact us, we can create a custom plan for you.

Website maintenance services


The monthly maintenance allotment expires at the end of each month, and does not roll over. Should your updates require more time than your monthly allotment, additional hours of maintenance time will be billed to your account at the reduced rate of $75 per hour.

*Website maintenance plans do not include content development, but we offer content writing as an add on service. Design and stock imagery are not included in any of our website maintenance plans, but is available at a reduced hourly rate for our web maintenance customers.

¹ One hour minimum charge on pay as you need it maintenance requests, after the first hour, we will round our time to the nearest half hour.

² Offsite backups are host dependent.

³ If your WordPress theme is not compatible with the latest WordPress version, your theme will need to be updated. You are responsible for the purchase of your theme if needed for the update.


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